Accelerate Digital Transformation Through DevOps

About DevOps

DevOps combined terms, development and operations, and refers to a collaborative approach to the activities carried out by application development and IT operations teams. DevOps is a philosophy that promotes an improved communication and collaboration between teams. In technical interpretation, DevOps refers to the adoption of programmable application development, automation and infrastructure deployment and management. This term also defines a culture that surrounding the entire application development and delivery chains and promotes the integration of new development tools and best practices.

Even though DevOps is not a technology, there are tools chains being commonly used in DevOps environments. These tools falls in the area of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery or Continuous Deployments or CI/CD. CI/CD stress out the importance of the process pipelines automation. Other set of tools chains falls in the areas of DevOps Support such as real-time monitoring, incident management systems and collaboration platforms.

A DevOps approach blend well with agile software development methodology, ITIL service management frameworks, and other strategies to deliver IT projects to meet business demands.

What is Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation can be described as a “necessary disruption” that leads to rethinking radically on how an enterprise uses Technology, Processes and People (Culture) to improve business performance. This transformation requires a rapid application development models to meet business requirement of Time to Value.

How DevOps Accelerate Digital Transformation

When enterprises uses DevOps approach to their Digital Transformation Strategy to accelerate Time to Value of their product and services, they will put their trust in the iterative application development processes. This approach helps to improve people collaboration, automate processes, and use technology to transform their digital services front-line. This approach also empower innovative thinking and rapid releases as well as consistent release quality to make enterprises able to rapidly respond to market dynamics and to meet consistently changing market demands.

The advantages of Implementing a DevOps Methodology to a Digital Transformation:

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