‌Application Onboarding to DevOps

Reap the benefit of DevOps automations by integrating your existing application to CI/CD Pipelines.

“Process as Code” and “Pipeline as a Product”

Automate and manage the application deployment and releases processes and pipelines to achieve faster deployments and consistent quality of releases

Onboarding Applications to DevOps Pipelines

Our DevOps Engineers and Analyst can help you to design, develop and maintain your CI/CD/CT Processes and Pipelines.

Manage your deployment and release process as code by defining your deployment process, scripts, and variables in source code. Then store this configuration in the same source control repository as your application source code.

We can build a Customizable Self-Service Catalog with ready to use common templates for pipelines, applications, and deployment environments to accelerate time to value and facilitate reusability. This will reduce developers workloads to define applications environments and dependencies to ensure consistent and predictable release quality.

We can also help you to build a Release and Deploy Analytics Dashboards to improve your visibility into the status and health of releases and pipelines.


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Every transformation and technology implementation is unique. We combine cross-functional expertise to help you find your way forward.

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