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Why Cloud Native Container Platform?

Cloud native application development changed how application developed, run and scale. This requires a platform capable to support those processes. Containers technology that being used to write modern microservices applications is at the base of this platform.

The application workloads should be able to scale fast, hence it requires a reliable and secure container orchestration service. Even though, like others, we put Kubernetes at the core of this platform's containers orchestrations, we also enrich our platform with more features such as deployment strategies and Multi-Cloud capabilities.

Scaling the application workloads should be free from the environment limitations. Our Cloud Native Container platform can be run in Hybrid-Cloud and Multi-Cloud environment where the application workloads can be run and scaled seamlessly from on-premise to Public-Cloud or vice-versa.

Supported by the containers orchestrations technology and the additional technologies on top of them, our Cloud Native Container Platform provides a runtime and environment to build and operate modern applications reliably, securely and at scale as well as it enables enterprises to binds a set of technology and processes such as microservices and DevOps/SRE.


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