Devops Platform

Build and run your applications that exploits the advantages of the cloud computing model to bring faster time to value and faster respond to customer demands

DevOps is Culture

It's a mindset and continuous practice aimed at aligning development, QA, and operations into a set of common processes and toolchains.

DevOps automations aim to enhance time to market and service quality

mproved time to market and quality can be achieved by improving deployment rates and simultaneously improving predictability, scalability and security of the production environment through automating set of processes.

Automate everything in the process workflow is one of the most important contributor to standardize production environment. Standardization and automation will make iterative deployments more predictable and less prone to human errors. Areas to automates covers infrastructure, compliance and CICD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery) pipeline.

For example, Source Code Management tools can improve the developers collaboration as well as improve the versioning standardization and management. SCM plays an important role here because source code is digital asset that needs to be protected, maintained and managed. Code Review Tools can improve the code quality and security against any code vulnerabilities. Artifactory tools, can manage and control all binary repositories to help developers and operations automate build process and deployment activities. Containers platform can help to containerize applications and automate deployments with speed

Reducing manual and repetitive tasks will increase development, deployment and testing speed and capacity. Combining with proper SCM and Code Quality Management will improve application release quality as well as reducing the effort to perform bug fixing.

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