DevOps Powered Microservices

Like Agile Methodology, DevOps approach decompose applications into smaller integrated components to increase application delivery speed and quality. One of the key principal of DevOps automation is “continuous” practices which includes  continuous integration, continuous testing, continuous delivery/deployment to enable the continuous improvement of application and related practices.

Microservice architecture is a type of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) technique in an application development. It decompose monolithic applications into loosely coupled smaller pieces (greater modularity) of functionality that are made available as service. Since they’re independent building blocks, they make an application easier to create, test and understand compared to the complexity of larger, monolithic systems. Additionally, this allows a single service to be updated with new systems or totally replaced without impacting the primary service structure.

One of the benefit of the modularity is that multiple DevOps teams can build and deploy microservices in parallel. Microservices Applications can be deployed on premise or in any cloud, hence it saves developers time to write platform-specific code for different environments. In short, microservices save time and money, and provide new levels of development and deployment flexibility and DevOps tools chain.

By Leveraging DevOps Automation, teams should be able to constantly optimize processes that can be automated. Hence it will reduce the time spent performing manual activities and free up more workload to perform creative works. Automating repetitive tasks also reduces the probability for human error.

DevOps Automation empowers the microservice architecture approach. On-demand provisioning also works with the microservices architecture approach to create an adaptable and easy to scale environment where fast and stable deployments are needed. Combining the DevOps and microservices approaches into an environment for developing, testing, and deploying applications is the latest best practice for increasing the throughput of teams and the overall service quality.

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