‌‌Microservices Application Development

Develop a structured applications as a collection of loosely coupled services

Microservices Architecture

A microservices architecture compose the application into a loosely coupled services which can be developed, deployed, and managed independently. Each services is responsible for specific task and  communicate with other services through APIs to solve larger business problems.

Application Development with Microservices in the DevOps Era

With Microservices, an application built on small, loosely coupled components called services that can be developed and deployed independently. Although independent, these services communicate with each other via APIs. So, we can simply make the changes to the individual services without affecting the entire application, making the deployment and management efficient and faster.

‌Our approach in microservices application development, is to bring in our product owners, developers, DevOps Engineers and scrum masters together in squads, and using agile methodologies we define MVPs and sprints with the clients. At the end of each sprints, we perform sprint reviews and retrospective sessions with the clients to discuss the issues arise during the sprints. 

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Develop a structured applications as a collection of loosely…

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