Infrastructure & Cloud

We offer a comprehensive set of cloud services powered by a wide range of cloud accelerators and frameworks that help organizations accelerate their journey to cloud and enhance business resilience.

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Infrastructure & Cloud

The world of technology continues to move rapidly and the cloud has become a significant catalyst in this transformation. We offer a comprehensive set of cloud services supported by a variety of cloud accelerators and frameworks that help organizations accelerate their journey to the cloud and increase business resilience.

Cloud has become a pathway for major business expansion and adaptability. With a variety of cloud services available, companies are starting to go beyond the limitations of conventional infrastructure. Cloud acceleration and frameworks have become a catalyst for transformation that increases business adaptability and opens up new opportunities for growth.

  • Cloud Container
    Streamline the management of container infrastructure with our revolutionary platform. Simplify the deployment and scaling of containerized applications, all while ensuring utmost security, whether from the data center to the edge. Experience unparalleled efficiency and agility as you navigate the container landscape effortlessly.
  • Triple O
    Project aimed at installing, upgrading and operating OpenStack clouds using OpenStackā€˜s own cloud facilities as the foundation - building on Nova, Ironic, Neutron and Heat to automate cloud management at datacenter scale.

Open Stack

OpenStack is an open-source cloud platform that manages distributed compute, network and storage resources, aggregates them into pools, and allows on-demand provisioning of virtual resources through a self-service portal.

OpenStack is a cost-effective extension of the existing public cloud infrastructure, enabling organisations to optimise their cloud maintenance costs and service providers to build an infrastructure competitive to hyperscalers.

OpenStack lets users deploy virtual machines and other instances that handle different tasks for managing a cloud environment on the fly. It makes horizontal scaling easy, which means that tasks that benefit from running concurrently can easily serve more or fewer users on the fly by just spinning up more instances. For example, a mobile application that needs to communicate with a remote server might be able to divide the work of communicating with each user across many different instances, all communicating with one another but scaling quickly and easily as the application gains more users.


Cloud has emerged as a force shaping the future of business. Its ability to bring transformation and drive growth has led companies from various industries to adopt cloud services and enabled them to explore new possibilities. Using our Infrastructure & cloud, companies can embark on a journey of innovation and business resilience towards success and excellence. The future of the cloud is here and now is the time for transformation.

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We build applications with the concept of clean architecture and micro services to make it easier and provide the best performance in the business being developed and with attractive visualization and easy to use


Automation Klik Release is a market-leading release management product that helps you orchestrate complex application changes while reducing the risks of application failure in production.

Support & Services
Support & Services

Provide support activity to all applications and services. We use IT Service Management to support it all. ITSM establishes processes and procedures that optimize the use of technology and the services built around it.